Nadav Amir-Himmel is a multi-awards winning composer and pianist.

                                                    תמונה טובה

Nadav Amir-Himmel is a multi-awards winning composer and pianist. In summer 2012 he was awarded first prize, as well as a special prize for the best free composition and a special prize for the best composition based on models, in the prestigious “International Antonin Dvorak Composition Competition”, Prague. In summer 2014 his composition “Galatea” was performed within the same competition in Prague by the “Karlovy Vary  Symphony Orchestra” conducted by Miriam Nemcova.  In March, 2013, he was invited to Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, as a guest of honour, to deliver lectures about his music in relation to Salvador Dali’s paintings within a seminar discussing the relationship among arts. During this visit he also delivered a lecture in Carnegie Mellon university. His piece, “Apparition of the Spheres”, won the second prize in the ‘1° Composition Competition for Youth Orchestra’,  in Mazzano, Italy, July 2014. His piece, “Variations on Mozart K.488 Piano Concerto” won the ‘Soundiff call for Scores’ and was published and distributed by the label Soundiff. His piece, “Partita for four Vibraphones”, won the “Excelsis Call for Scores” and was published by the “Bachovich Music Publications”. Nadav’s Partita was performed in the Nancy Zeltsman Marimba Festival, July 2015. He was granted the AICF scholarships as a Pianist (2008 – 2010) and as a Composer (2010 – 2015). Nadav won the second prize at the Klon Composition Competition, 2014, and therefore presented Israel in the ‘Asian Composer Legue’ festival in 2015, Philippines. During his visit he lectured about his music in the UP college of music and in the UST. In addition, he played a recital of his own music in front of the Israeli Ambassador in the Philippines. His piece, “Galatea”, was chosen and was performed by the “Orquesta Sinfonica De Michoacan” in the XXXXVII FIMNME in Mexico City during 2015. “Galatea”, was chosen by the “Sydney Contemporary Orchestra” to be performed by the Orchestra in 2018. He got accepted as an Icon Arts’s Composer in Residence in 2015 and the RTE ConTemp String Quartet performed his piece during the Icon Arts Festival. He was in the festival thanks to the funds he got from the Israeli Embassy in Romania. He won the ACM-Korea call for scores and his Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano will be performed in Suwon, 2015. In 2015 he got a scholarship for composing music based on the melodies written by “Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev”. He got as one of the three finalists in the ONG Composers Competition 2015-2016 (“Orchestre Nouvelle Generation”). Nadav’s piece, “Apparition of the Spheres” was chosen to be included in the CD “Plastic Notion” (2014) compiled by the institute for Alien Research and themed ‘Avant Garde: Contemporary Classical Music”.  In the Ravel Composition Competition  2015, he got to the Semi-Final as well as  first place in Israel and the title of ‘Greatly appreciated composer’. In 2016 he got special mention in the final round of The Ravel Composition Competition 2016. He got the Carrol Scholarship in 2016. He has been selected as the Featured Composer of the Month of Bachovich Music Publication in August 2016.

Nadav’s composition pieces include compositions for solo musicians, lieds, small ensembles, symphony orchestra, films and also arrangements for various settings.  His compositions have been performed in USA, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Czech and Israel by many artists.

Nadav was born in 1985 in Israel. He began studying Piano and composition under the guidance of Mr. Arie Hassid and Professor Andre Hajdu. He was granted the status of an out-standing musician during his service in the IDF in the years 2003-2006. During the years 2004 – 2007, he took part in the Tel Hai International Piano Master classes. He completed B.Mus. degrees both in Piano Playing, under the supervision of Professor Emanuel Krasovsky, and in Composition, under the supervision of the composer, Dr. Josef Bardanashvili, in the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music in Tel-Aviv University. In 2013 he completed his M. Mus. degree in Composition, under the supervision of Dr. Bardanashvili, in the Jerusalem Academy of Music. In 2013-2014 he participated in master classes for Composers, “Contemporary Encounters”, under the guidance of Philippe Leroux. Currently he studies toward Ph.D in Composition and Electronic music in the Bar-Ilan University Under the Guidance of  Professor Gideon Lewensohn, Professor Betti Olivero and Dr. Shai Cohen.