Major events

2018 – A performance of “Galatea” by the “Sydney Contemporary Orchestra”.

2017 – Performance,The Listening to China 2017 project. Performance of his piece,

“Nadachin’s Endless Song” by The Shangai Philharmonic together with Yangqin

and Bamboo Flute soloists. November, 2017.

2017 – Original piece “Courante” chosen as part of Sonic Little Cat – Experimental Music.


2017 – The establishing of the Timeless Covers N&N Youtube Channel.

2016 – Performance of the musical “Sirot Budapest’ (Nadav was one of the orchestrators) in the “Cameri Theater”.

2016 – The establishment of the band “The Charters”

2016 A performance of the composition, “Electpartpierre”, for Vibraphone, Piano and Electronic.

2016 – Recording of compositions based on melodies written by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev.

2015-2016 – Lectures about his music and its relationship to Dali’s paintings in Israel.

November, 2015 – A performance of Baroque Concerto for Piano and a Quintet of Strings in the ACL Festival in the Philippines. Lectures about his piece ‘Galatea’ in Universities in Manila. Recital of his pieces in front of the Israeli Ambassador in the Philippines.

October, 2015 – A performance of his trio for Flute, Cello and Piano in Suwon, Korea.

October, 2015 – A performance of his piece for Marimba and Oboe, ‘Swans reflecting Elephants’ by the Ensemble new Babylon in Bremen.

July, 2015 – A performance of his String Quartet by Contempo Quartet in the Icon Arts Festival in Sibiu.

July, 2015 – ‘Partita’, was performed by the Excelsis Percussion Quartet in the Nancy Zeltsman Marimba Festival. 

June, 2015 – ‘Galatea”  was performed by the Orquesta Sinfonica De Michoacan in the XXXXVII FIMNME in Mexico City.

May, 2015 – The pianist James Gibson performed “Variations on Mozart K.488 Piano Concerto” and “Malliz – Toccata” on his tour in North America and Europe during the 2014-15 season.

December, 2014 – “Partita for Four Vibraphones” was performed and recorded by the “Excelsis Percussion Quartet” and was published by the “Bachovich Music Publications”.

2014 – A distribution of the piece, “Variations on Mozart K.488 Piano Concerto”, by the Label Soundiff.

August, 2014 – A performance of “Galatea” in Prague by the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Miriam Nemcova.

July, 2014 – A performance of “Apparition of the Spheres” by the Youth Orchestra of Mazzano, in Italy, Conducted by Sandro Torriani.

2014 – A performance of “Baroque Concerto for Piano and String Orchestra” in Chicago by the ACM members.

2013 – the OFFIT Philharmonic Orchestra of Toluca in Mexico performed “Manteka”, orchestrated by Nadav and the Mexican composer, Edy Lan. 

March, 2013 – Nadav delivered lectures about his composition “Galatea”  in relation to Dali’s paintings in Robert Morris University and in Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.

March, 2013 -A performance of the “Baroque Concerto for Piano and String Orchestra” in Pittsburgh by a Quintet of Strings.

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